A Cinematic Bush Walk

One of my favorite pass-times. A relaxing bush walk in the temperate forests of Victoria, Australia. I shot this clip with the Sony FX6 Cinema camera; a new piece of equipment at Visia Studios. While an excellent overall camera, the execution of the the XAVC-I codec in the fX6 leaves a lot to be desiredContinue reading “A Cinematic Bush Walk”

Our Makers – A Documentary Miniseries

A miniseries supporting local businesses hit hard by the current Covid-19 crisis. In season 1 of ‘Our Makers’ we spend a day with Melbourne’s makers, celebrating their amazing creative process. Help us spread the word about these amazing local businesses! I was saddened to see so many of our much-loved small creative institutions close forContinue reading “Our Makers – A Documentary Miniseries”

Documentary Project: Glass

A tribute to the 1958 Dutch film by director and producer Bert Haanstra of the same name, I chose to create a rhythmic pentameter across this short documentary. Produced by Visia Studios and shot, edited and directed by Michael Firus, this film documents a hot and fast day at a local glass blowing studio. TheContinue reading “Documentary Project: Glass”

Making a Feature Film

I must admit; had this been written during those early months of 2020; filled with hope and personal futurism, a decidedly different tone would be struck. In those early months of this historic year, my life was rapidly changing. After increasing commercial success as a freelancer, I started my latest venture: Visia Studios. I wasContinue reading “Making a Feature Film”

My New Website: Visia Studios

After increased volume in my freelance videography operations, I decided to found Visia Studios: High value video production for art and industry. Visia Studios is a growing team and has produced countless video campaigns and cinematic works. Take a look at our website for more information: Click here to transfer to my new website: VisiaContinue reading “My New Website: Visia Studios”