Forever In My Heart. A Poem by Michael Firus

After toiling for bread, I search for eyes reliefUpon a distant canopy or a setting sun so brief.All my soul brings me is this;If I could see you again, not to mess not to touchBut to speak with a beautiful soul, one who has known and seen oh, so much. The moon, alone my companyContinue reading “Forever In My Heart. A Poem by Michael Firus”

Our Makers – A Documentary Miniseries

A miniseries supporting local businesses hit hard by the current Covid-19 crisis. In season 1 of ‘Our Makers’ we spend a day with Melbourne’s makers, celebrating their amazing creative process. Help us spread the word about these amazing local businesses! I was saddened to see so many of our much-loved small creative institutions close forContinue reading “Our Makers – A Documentary Miniseries”

Documentary Project: Glass

A tribute to the 1958 Dutch film by director and producer Bert Haanstra of the same name, I chose to create a rhythmic pentameter across this short documentary. Produced by Visia Studios and shot, edited and directed by Michael Firus, this film documents a hot and fast day at a local glass blowing studio. TheContinue reading “Documentary Project: Glass”

Making a Feature Film

I must admit; had this been written during those early months of 2020; filled with hope and personal futurism, a decidedly different tone would be struck. In those early months of this historic year, my life was rapidly changing. After increasing commercial success as a freelancer, I started my latest venture: Visia Studios. I wasContinue reading “Making a Feature Film”

My New Website: Visia Studios

After increased volume in my freelance videography operations, I decided to found Visia Studios: High value video production for art and industry. Visia Studios is a growing team and has produced countless video campaigns and cinematic works. Take a look at our website for more information: Click here to transfer to my new website: VisiaContinue reading “My New Website: Visia Studios”

Documentary Project: A Prickly Affair

Watch the full film here: A Prickly Affair – Documentary By Michael Firus from Michael Firus on Vimeo. Shot over the course of a few weeks, my latest project encapsulates a subject typically Melbournian;  Small-scale artisinal enterprise. Unassumingly at the corner of Swanston and Collins St in Melbourne, a  small kiosk offering a variety ofContinue reading “Documentary Project: A Prickly Affair”

Documentary Project: Heart Horse

Heart Horse – Documentary By Michael Firus and Ildikó Varga from Michael Firus on Vimeo. Every now and then in one’s cinematic career, there comes moments where time stands still. These moments possess an element of sheer and blatant beauty. OK, without sounding too romantic, one such moment took place at a shoot for aContinue reading “Documentary Project: Heart Horse”

Promo-Documentary: M.E.A.C

  One of the most rewarding aspects of filmmaking is knowing that something new is always around the corner. One part of this is the discovery of artforms and vocations that I have previously had little knowledge about their very existence.  So I was delighted when this treasured occurrence took place once again. This timeContinue reading “Promo-Documentary: M.E.A.C”