The Boy Who Loved Sunsets

To my mind, there is but one remedy for modernity’s most chronic affliction. I refer to that affliction which until recently history had not one case in existence. I speak indeed, of screen time.

And this one remedy, which has no equal in its effectiveness – at least to my feeble constitution – is… a sunset.

With a peaceful captivation, I watch a Winter sunset fade.

In this digital era of the moving image; the affliction of screen time is unfortunately a prerequisite to my profession. In front of the camera and then back in the edit suite.

Thusly I make it my habit to indulge in the only effective cure I know: a walk at the glorious sun’s setting, every evening I can.

Gazing up through light filtering leaves

The innumerable variation in these displays of divine splendor creates moments of unspeakable beauty. What follows are but a feeble sample of the breathtaking moments I have witnessed. Moments I hold in regard among the best that that yet this short life has offered.

A spot of heaven over my neighborhood

Published by michaelfirus

Cinematographer, Director, Editor

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