Tributaries in the Arterial Web of the Heart: Sunsets Part 2

Previously, I spoke of sunsets as a relief from afflictions brought on by modern life. Of how a walk with one’s gaze fixed to the glorious heavens was a remedy for a sedentary screen-dominated life. There is however a deeper spiritual union to such divine phenomena. A union of man’s heart to that most breathtaking,Continue reading “Tributaries in the Arterial Web of the Heart: Sunsets Part 2”

The Boy Who Loved Sunsets

To my mind, there is but one remedy for modernity’s most chronic affliction. I refer to that affliction which until recently history had not one case in existence. I speak indeed, of screen time. And this one remedy, which has no equal in its effectiveness – at least to my feeble constitution – is… aContinue reading “The Boy Who Loved Sunsets”