Documentary Project: A Prickly Affair

Watch the full film here: A Prickly Affair – Documentary By Michael Firus from Michael Firus on Vimeo. Shot over the course of a few weeks, my latest project encapsulates a subject typically Melbournian;  Small-scale artisinal enterprise. Unassumingly at the corner of Swanston and Collins St in Melbourne, a  small kiosk offering a variety ofContinue reading “Documentary Project: A Prickly Affair”

Documentary Project: Heart Horse

Heart Horse – Documentary By Michael Firus and Ildikó Varga from Michael Firus on Vimeo. Every now and then in one’s cinematic career, there comes moments where time stands still. These moments possess an element of sheer and blatant beauty. OK, without sounding too romantic, one such moment took place at a shoot for aContinue reading “Documentary Project: Heart Horse”

Documentary Project: Metal Couture

Metal Couture from Michael Firus on Vimeo. Continuing my pursuit of humanity’s intricate pursuits, I had the pleasure of making a short documentary on the renowned jeweller William Griffiths. With a career spanning many continents and 40 years, William has developed a distinct style – one that emerges from a synthesis of intricacy, colour andContinue reading “Documentary Project: Metal Couture”

Documentary Project: Bespoke

Bespoke – Documentary By Michael Firus (Extended Cut) from Michael Firus on Vimeo. The small-scale yet intricate pursuits of  humanity interest me greatly; those art forms which seem concentrated and distilled. Never one to attend a ball without something special for my companion, a great interest in gems and precious metals began to form overContinue reading “Documentary Project: Bespoke”

Documentary Project: A Secret Place

Live at A Secret Place – The Connie Lansberg Quartet – A Michael Firus Video from Michael Firus on Vimeo. A couple of months ago I stumbled on this amazing club, and decided what better way to get the word out than to shoot a micro-documentary. Connie Lansberg; the Quartets vocalist gives a brief rundownContinue reading “Documentary Project: A Secret Place”

Cinematic Exercise: Reclamation

Reclamation – Bees and Honey – A Michael Firus Video from Michael Firus on Vimeo. In order to become more used to the complexities of macro cinematography, I undertook a number of exercises such as the one above. Created for a highschool project, I decided to film honey-bees after a honey extraction session had ended.Continue reading “Cinematic Exercise: Reclamation”